Wine Condoms (Bottle Stopper)

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These wine stoppers will certainly keep your wine fresh after opening.

  • Air-Tight Grip | Prolong Beverage Freshness | FUNctional Novelty Gift | Food Grade 100% Rubber Latex | Tuxedo Black | Set of 6

  • The shrink to fit technology allows you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal that is fully reusable!
  • It is 99.9% effective preventing unplanned spills screw the cork.
  • Sure to put a smile, or awkward expression on even the most uptight wine snobs face, wine condoms are about being functional and fun.
  • Perfect gift paired with a bottle of wine, or alone. The ideal gag gift for the friend that can’t quite loosen up. The reactions are priceless, and the functionality is unparalleled

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