Ten Reasons Why I Love You Jar

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This message jar will certainly show your loved one what you love about them.

  • Handcrafted romantic gift for him or her. Express your feelings through the power of words in a thoughtful, touching way. These charming set of love notes offer to inspire, uplift and bring you closer to your other half. Simply put your love captured in a Jar!
  • Each jar is beautifully presented and is approx. 90mm tall x 30mm wide containing ten elegant, meticulously hand-rolled quotes each of which are wrapped in a double gold ring together with one more for good measure.
  • The ten reasons are your kindness, intelligence, smile, laughter, kisses, hugs, honesty, voice, humor, touch together with an additional “I love you because I love you!” note.
  • Show your other half how caring you are with this touching gift that conveys your love and gratitude in small doses of beautifully presented notes in a jar.

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