Carousel Candle

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This candle will certainly fill the room with childhood memories.

  • The golden horse accessories will spin after you install it when scented candle is burning, and it will create a beautiful scene in the night. It will be a funny candle gift for your friends. mom, grandparents, women friends, family, sisters and female friends and any others who you love.
  • Beautifully designed, thick carved glass with lovely colors and elaborate embossed designs. Rotatable and spinnable decorative accessories shining the light, creating a peaceful feeling. It is great for relieving stressor and people who are in a very low mood, helping them get out of sad emotion and relief stress. Also, it is a wonderful gift for a friend, loved one, birthday gifts, house decor gifts, apartment essentials gifts.
  • This decorative scented candle will play a wonderful role in your life, the strong fragrance will make your home smells good. And this small velas aromaticas is very suitable for home daily use such as yoga, spa, massage, meditation and can be put in living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom.
  • Made of 100% hand-made soy wax and the proportion of essential oil is up to 7%. The fragrance is long-lasting and with pure clearance. This velas aromaticas is eco-friendly and environmentally. It burns cleanly without black smoke and no need to worry about harmful chemicals.

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