Gift Wrapping Service

Get All Your Gifts Wrapped Professionally

QWG is also a gift-wrapping company. We do complete packaging for any gift, any size.


Wrapping gifts for any occasion can be a huge hassle that many face, especially for birthdays and Christmas.


Let us take care of this issue for you. We will select the perfect packaging that will standout to anyone in the world.

Coming Soon!!

Christmas is only a few months away and we are gearing up to service you from the following locations:


Bay Plaza Mall, Bronx NY

Friday, December 16th to December 24, 2022

Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream Long Island

Friday, December 9th to December 24, 2022

Queens Center Mall, Elmhurst NY

Friday, December 16th to December 24, 2022

All-Year Around Service Coming Soon!