QUICKWRAP Gifts actually started out as just QUICKWRAP…a small business in Long Island and Queens, NY, providing gift wrapping services to customers doing holiday Christmas shopping.

After two years of wrapping thousands of gifts, we developed a strong understanding about gifts. We also observed how frustrating and time-consuming purchasing the right gift could be.

Most of our customers struggled with buying decisions and gift ideas. Around this time, we noticed a pattern…most of the gifts we saw before wrapping were the same. There was no real difference from the last, no creativity or uniqueness which meant most people were receiving the same gifts.

The light bulb came on and we decided to create the website, QUICKWRAP Gifts. A place where customers can go for uniqueness and creativity.

Gifts are a wonderful way to connect with family and friends. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.

To deliver this concept that would be more useful to our customers, we had to become committed!

Currently, our team of researchers spend over 120 hours weekly, searching and discovering the most wonderful gifts on the marketplace.

There are no biases here! We do not sell any products directly. We only make suggestions and recommendations from brands that you already shop with, like Amazon, Bloomingdales, and other major retailers.

Our team looks at the details customers might not see, like product history, quality, trends, likability, reviews, and most importantly, deals. We understand that birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions can be a time of major expenses. Therefore, we compare and search for the best prices, allowing our customers to experience the maximum savings every time.

A great gift should be one click away!

Hopefully, we satisfy your needs, and we thank you for visiting QUICKWRAP Gifts.